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Breastfeeding Advice5 Benefits of Breastfeeding for Babies

Article by Greg Garner Many countries through their governments and private sector health institutions have embarked on breastfeeding programs. These breastfeeding programs try to encourage and support society health and health care efforts. Mothers are advised to breastfeed their children for at least the first year of the life of their babies. In doing so, this has provided proven benefits to the society, mothers as well as the babies. Most of the funds for these programs come through Advanced Healthcare Directive Training (AHDT) which sources funds from the government, the corporate world as well as from well wishers. Below is a list of benefits of breastfeeding to the babies.

Benefits of Breast Feeding for the Baby

• Babies who are breast fed are unlikely to suffer from constipation as breast milk is highly digestible.

• A syndrome known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is less prevalent in breast fed babies.

• Babies who are breast fed are at a lower risk of having diseases like asthma, cancer and diabetes when they grow to become adults.

• The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) level of breastfed babies, on average is much higher.

• As there are various stages in a baby’s development, breast milk tends to provide the best combination of a balanced diet to babies . Proteins, carbohydrates, fats and mineral salts are some of the elements essential for babies. Health ministries and relevant government departments are responsible for improved planning and coordination of actions and programs related to breastfeeding and family health. They also publicize the breastfeeding programs highlighting the benefits of breastfeeding for the society, babies as well as the mothers. Some of the benefits which come with breastfeeding to mothers are as follows. Benefits of Breast Feeding for the Mother

• The risk of postpartum hemorrhage is reduced as nursing causes the uterus to contract appropriately.

• The uterus of a mother who breast feeds shrinks more quickly to its pre-pregnancy size

• Pre-menopausal breast cancer is reduced for mothers who breastfeed their babies for a period of at least six.

• Through breast feeding, the return of fertility is delayed and reduces the risk of unplanned pregnancies

• It is more economical for mothers who breast feed as they can save a lot of money by avoiding formula feeding . Health information with regards to breastfeeding is being disseminated through a variety of media. With the advent of modern cutting edge technologies, the internet has helped in educating individuals, families and the society at large. Breastfeeding radio and television programs also augment the way information is being spread to the target audiences. People who need more information with regards to breastfeeding are also given an opportunity to visit their nearest health centers.

However, most government programs are not limited to breastfeeding only. Meeting health and safety standards at work is another crucial government initiative which is largely followed by business organizations. All stakeholders in the public and private sectors are encouraged to put their safety first. In conclusion, it is of great benefit to the nation if all people come together and support government initiatives. For more information, please visit our Advanced Healthcare Directive Training website. More Benefits Of Breastfeeding Articles

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